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Originally Posted by aspartz View Post
You do not need to reformat your drives to go from ext2 to ext3. The underlying data is the same, so all you have to do in activate the journaling capabilities of the newer system.

There are any number of pages that describe the process, just google "convert ext2 to ext3"

AFAIK, this is a risk free process.

You can also do the same to go to ext4, but you do not gain all of the advantages without a reformat.

As I mentioned above, one drive is brand new (format), the other is currently NTFS (reformat). I haven't really done all that much to the COS server yet, so if I do have to reformat my root drive to get ext 4, I would probably do it. It certainly couldn't hurt to have the experience of setting it up again.

Thanks again to everyone for all the info/advise. I might get a chance to format the new drive and subsequent media transfer today (hopefully). If not, then this weekend. I'll check back and let you know what format my root drive is in.

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