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What if I wanted a 1911 with easy rebuilding potential due to parts interchangeability? I actually do, by the way.
How would "interchangeability" be significant between the two? Be VERY specific as in which parts are you speaking of that you believe would be easier to swap vs how often you believe.... as a civilian.... you'll need to swap.

Just depends on what you're after. I've already got a bank vault-tight 1911 that can do 1" groups at 50 yards; what I'd like to find is one I can abuse as badly as my HKs and still have it run like a sewing machine. I suspect that's what the Marines are after, too, and likely why they picked a looser tolerance production gun over a hand fit - in addition to the primary requirement of interchangeability, of course.
Yeah the whole myth of needing looser tolerances is wasted on those that don't know any better. Granted that's just my opinion of seeing multiple hand fit 1911s go into some pretty significant round counts including ~100K rounds. I wager that the logistics of price and time vs need was a factor. Essentially, they probably don't have the time or money to wait for thousands of hand fit customs. They probably figure since the old Colt did the job for what the military needed, these would too.

Also FWIW, from what I've seen H&Ks don't take abuse well.
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