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Originally Posted by toknee View Post
Love this little car.
It's quick, handles great, AWD, and good cargo space.

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Nice! I strongly considered the WRX, though I would have gone with a sedan. I was trying to justify paying 5 grand more to get AWD with essentially the same features as the Speed3 with tech(Nav, HIDs, LED tails, Good stereo, etc) and I just couldn't do it. The subaru is an awesome car but there were no good deals to be had on new ones and I don't need AWD. Plus, from a roll my car is faster More so once I get my internals and racepipe on. I'll do a TMIC after that and hopefully be around 290-300whp with a pro-tune.

I love the color you got by the way, it looks awesome. Have you modded it at all?
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