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I'd go back and re-read.
Read it just fine. Asked for specific parts, that you think you're gonna drop in, got an analogy.

Ah, this may be where the issue lies. If you've never had something like a Baer, it's difficult to convey how tight 'tight' can get, and I suppose that might make you think we're talking about, say, Beretta production levels of tightness. Not the case.
Try again my friend, there's a well broken-in TRS in my safe, among other semi-customs and full house customs. I've tried just about everything at one point, including a Colt custom shop gun. Rather, I'm speaking from experience of ownership..... you?? Hint: They're not SACS or Baer, hardly anybody is in terms of building em that tight. Only those with limited experience will assume the extreme that any "hand fit" 1911 will lock up as tight as these guns. Otherwise, ownership of..... take your pick of several custom and or "hand-fit" 1911s that don't lock up that tight...... will provide otherwise.

The original point really should be obvious though, many people think relatively tighter built platforms will fail in combat, and history and experience proves different.

And you've verified this with extensive environmental testing, a la the acquisition process for the new M45? Excellent.
I'm going on anecdotes just as you are for sure, unless you can provide any reference of your own? However, I'll stick with logic and understanding of the platform with reaffirmation of some of the best of the business. If you disagree, great, most people tend to just parrot what they hear or see on the internet instead of investigating how things work.

You know, I'd actually go read the solicitation and, provided you can find them, the testing results. Or contact the MARSOC folks directly and let them know they're doing it all wrong. They've been working with hand-built 1911s for over two decades, and wanted a commercial replacement with parts interchangeability that required zero hand-fitting.
Why would I contact them? Even though your points are erroneous to a degree, I stated earlier that I understand THEIR situation, regarding the logistics of equiping a 1911 for a force. My comments were pertaining to YOU.

This all started because you think the marketing is misleading you because of your experience with other platforms yes? I then asked for the signficance of the difference of hand fitting as pertaining to the civilian market or even you. Problem is, and what I've been hinting to, in terms of part wearing out in a 1911 I understand which are likely to go first. I understand that properly hand fit parts are likely to increase the life of said parts and the 1911, opposed to anyone believes that these critical parts in a 1911 are truly drop-in or that they could drop them in without any knowledge? If they DID have a rememdial amount of said knowledge, maybe they'd understand they'd want a properly spec'ed 1911 and fitted in the first place IF they were to start switching out parts to make life easier. The whole TRUE modularity, drop-in theory just doesn't pertain to 1911s as a whole relative to let's say..... polymer platforms.

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