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Originally Posted by MD357 View Post
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you're not reading what I said multiple times. I'm insterested in what YOU would switch out or THINK you'd need to switch out after use. You see, you are not a force of 4,000 heading downrange.
I don't recall saying I'd need to switch anything out, barring something breaking - which has been known to happen. Why is that your focus?

That's all great but it's a red herring to anything I said in the previous post. You keep tapdancing and talking about the military trials..... we've established THEIR needs are different. If you feel YOU needs are simliar in the sense of parts interchangability then by all means.... again.... be specific.
We're talking about the military trials because you refuse to acknowledge that the military version of the gun is built differently than the civilian version.

Apply some reference or critical thinking here from yourself?
I have. It's going to be built differently than the Marines' version. Said it plenty of times, pointed to the video of the Colt rep saying it plenty of times. Somehow, it still hasn't sunk in on your end.

It's not the same gun. I'm not sure why you're insisting so hard that it is, but the facts simply don't favor your interpretation.

It's a joke to post what someone else said on the internet without reference after a quick google search. Otherwise, I could just head over to where you got it?
No Google-fu needed, I was pretty involved in that thread, and Augee summed up my feelings on it nicely.
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