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I don't recall saying I'd need to switch anything out, barring something breaking - which has been known to happen. Why is that your focus?
I was incorrect in my assumption that you weren't reading what I said.

We're talking about the military trials because you refuse to acknowledge that the military version of the gun is built differently than the civilian version.

I'm providing that it doesn't make any difference to a civilian and it's only a plus that they are fitted a little closer. (if certain parts need extensive fitting at all) What you're not getting is that their considerations for the military are moot for YOU, unless you can provide otherwise. Hence my line of questions you didn't understand.

No Google-fu needed, I was pretty involved in that thread, and Augee summed up my feelings on it nicely.
Yep, he's the guy that pretty much agrees with what I've been saying on terms of signficance of perceived difference. I however disagree with the authenticity as the guy that actually builds 1911s in that thread, has a point.

It's not the same gun. I'm not sure why you're insisting so hard that it is, but the facts simply don't favor your interpretation.
As stated earlier for any practical purposes it is with a bonus, I guess if true authenticity is your only goal then there's a ton of slippery slop there. Same parts, specs, coating, steel, etc.
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