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Just a heads up to my fellow 10 Ringers, I want to trade or sell my G20LS

I never thought I'd do it, but it's time for me to let her go. I'm hoping to trade for a NIB GEN 4 G20 (+ $), but I might sell it too. This build ran me well north of $900, so I'm valuing it @ $800. It's in excellent condition, always babied/never holstered, with about 600rds through it.

I'll also be selling my 9x25 Dillon gear once it's traded or sold. (LWD 6" Barrel, Dillon 9x25 Die Set w/RCBS 9mm Expander Die, 9x25 Once Fired Brass, 90gr, 115gr & 124gr XTP's)

LWD G20LS (Solid Top) Slide
CCR Cera-Hide House Black Finish
LWD 6" 10mm Barrel
(100% reliable, even with WFNGC's @ 1.26" OAL)
LWD SS Guide Rod w/22# & 24# ISMI Springs
Dawson Precision Plain Black Adjustable Rear Sight
Dawson Precision Red F/O .285" x .100" Front Sight

The 10 Ring

The 10 Ring
GEN 3 20LS/20SF/21SF/30SF/23/34/26
GEN 4 17/19/21/34/35

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