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First off, Go Noles!! I'll give my two cents here. I loved Glock, but after my three latest 9mm Glock purchases spit brass into into my face repeatedly I quickly became frustrated. Yes, I bought three Glocks hoping the issue would solve itself but it never did (my Gen 2.5 is flawless). I found myself searching for a pistol that I could run reliably under any circumstance. I landed on the HK P30L. I know what the OP is saying. It didn't really do anything that any other pistol of my would do (except no brass to the face) and I do find the extended slide stop to be problematic when firing the last round- I am riding the stop and it occasionally won't stay open on the last round. That said, the build quality is absolutely noticeable when you being to take these various pistols apart. Yes, the HK has more parts but anyone with a background in the manufacturing field will absolutely be aware of the craftsmanship. Not saying it goes bang any better than any other gun but the difference is there in the details. I love my HK and plan to pick up a full size USP9 at some point. That said, I really like my M&P Shield and FS as well. But when you examine piece by piece there is clearly an attention to detail that HK excels at. My feeling is that the sum of the parts does indeed mean something.

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