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Originally Posted by G26S239 View Post
So being in the US military = being Christian? BS! I don't know what military you served in but religion was purely optional when I went through RTC in 1977. There was no Christian indoctrination what so ever while I was in. I was and am atheist as are several members of my family who served and many of the people I hung out with in the military.
I like your posts in this thread. And thank you for your service. The atheism of you and English is a matter of freedom of religion, which I believe God granted every individual, and which our Constitution provides for. As English said (well, I'm going to paraphrase what he said here) in another thread, freedom-loving folks, whether Christian, atheist, or whatever, should be natural allies against the Socialist-Islamist Axis, which is evidently hell-bent on supressing freedom.

When I was in Army Basic training in 1967, I was an agnostic, but volunteered to go to Protestant church service one Sunday anyway. I was curious to compare it with the church services of my boyhood (it was similar), and also wondered if possibly some Christian Drill Sergeant (not that I saw any evidence of such) might give non-church-goers a harder time. That apprehension turned out to be totally groundless; as you said, "religion was purely optional", although in our Company Day Room, I did once find a booklet telling of General George Washington's admonition to his troops not to swear so much (I realized I fell short on that one) and a picture depicting 3 American soldiers praying together during a lull in the action on some battlefield. One of them was a Protestant, one a Catholic, and one, I was surprised to see, was Jewish. That broadened my mind after I thought about it awhile. Israel is on the front lines these days against totalitarian Islamic fascism which, with the collaboration of the treasonous (or at least, useful idiot) Left, does indeed threaten the entire world.
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