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Originally Posted by dbcooper View Post
I'm guessing your ideas about carbon 14 saturation come from Dr. Hovinds "research". ...
No they don't, but I most certainly highly respect and admire Brother Kent as a Christian. We don't agree 100% on all issues biblical. And Dr. Hovind anf I do not agree on all things scientific.

However, in my humble opinion, hands down, Pastor Kent Hovind is one the greatest Youth Pastors to ever walk on this planet.

Originally Posted by dbcooper View Post
...Below you will find a link that explains why Hovind, Morris, Cook, Whitelaw, etc. are completely wrong in great detail.

Folks get their own opinions, not their own facts.
They weren't wrong, it was clear that the work done by Willard Frank Libby, while admirable, was predicated on at least two assumptions.

Assumption one, he assumed the Earth was well over 30,000 years old. Assumption two, he assumed that the Earth's C14 level were already stabilized due to the Earth being well over 30,000 years old.

While Creationists disagree with both assumptions, even the evos disagree with his 'C14 already being in equilibrium' assumption.
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