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LE are educated on OC by lawyers and certified instructors in and after their academy, not by random permittees. While a select few may have difficulty computing why someone would do that (carry on a permit with the weapon purposely on display) intentionally in an urban setting, by and large, the average police officer is far more conversant with legal issues, to include those related to permittee carry, than the general non-LE/non lawyer public, except on the internet. . On the internet, the average permittee shoots more accurately than any cop, trains more/better/longer than anyone in law enforcement, makes more money than anyone in law enforcement, knows the law and has a grasp of constitutional considerations far beyond the grasp of the average supreme court justice, and has fresher breath than anyone with a real badge. But in reality, there's always room for improvement and mature discourse from both camps. Can does not equal should. But saying someone shouldn't do something just because another party thinks it unwise is no way to live. Carry on! Just do it in a pretty holster.
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