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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Like diamonds, oil, coal, certain fossils...?

They all still have C14 out the yang when in actuality, they should have ZERO amounts.

Based on evolutionary thinking: How would diamonds have high rates of C14?
What do you think the ancestors of diamonds were? How many generations of proto-diamonds did it take to evolve into diamonds?

Any other evolutionary stuff you object to regarding diamonds, or just C14 contents? Does that about cover the evolutionary aspect of how diamonds evolved from lesser minerals?

Back to the C14 content of diamonds: How many diamonds are formed in the atmosphere out of atmospheric carbon where the ratio of normal carbon to C14 ratio that C14 dating is based on occurs?

You do realize that living animals do not eat actually eat coal and **** diamonds, right? That is a figure of speech, not an actual physical phenomenon. Those diamonds would contain the correct ratio of carbon isotopes to allow us to carbon date the diamonds and determine when they were ****.

C14 in the atmosphere is caused by cosmic rays, and naturally decays, a process that leads to the relatively constant ratio of C14 in the atmosphere. But diamonds have not been seen to form in the atmosphere out of atmospheric carbon. At least not yet.


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