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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
Hahahah cough cough cough hah ha ha !
I was out riding my Harley one night and as I stopped at a stop sign getting close to my house, two deer slowly walked across the marked crosswalk in front of me. Didn't run, just walked. One of them stopped, looked at me, and then kept walking. I've seen them numerous times just standing on the side of the road and I'll slow down and stop to look at them and they'll just stand there right beside the driver's side window of my car, even after I roll down the window. This is on a 4 lane residential street where each of the two lanes are separated by a median that has a shallow and narrow waterway / water retention area in the middle of it. What with the pecan trees along there and the grass always being water, they must think that it's their own private eating area.

The funniest thing that I ever saw though was one night after I had turned off into my subdivision. A group of deer were slowly walking down the center of the street. They were not spooked by my car in the least. Periodically, one would peel off and go into the yard on one side of the street or the other, eat a few of the landscaping plants for that house, and then come back to the group in the street. It was like they were going down a double sided buffet line, picking and choosing what they wanted to eat for the night.
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