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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Evos believe most coal found in the US to be between 40 million and 300 plus million years old. With a half life of 5700+ years, there should be NO measurable amounts of C14 in coal. Some insist that the C14 found in coal got there by way of contamination; however, there are some interesting facts that seem to rule out contamination.

For instance, when coal samples FROM DIFFERENT SITES were collected for testing, all the samples tested revealed dates to that were within 12,000 years of each other. I don't remember the exact numbers, but IIRC, there over a half dozen coal samples, each from different places, and they all tested to within 12,000 years of each other.

So knowing, based on your assertion of C14 coming from outside the samples, how would you explain all these samples, FROM DIFFERENT SITES, being contaminated with practically the exact same amounts of "outside" C14? Seems far fetched to me.

As for diamonds, when I said "out the yang," I was exaggerating the logic in relation to diamonds and C14. Even so, I'll say I was wrong in that assertion.

However, diamonds having ANY trace of C14 flies in the face of two assumptions from the evos. According to the evolutionary timeline, diamonds are anywhere millions to billions of years old. For the sake of argument, let's go with the lesser amount of time use the assumption they are merely millions of years old.

How can something a millions years old and as hard as a diamond be contaminated with "outside C14?" However, like the coal, even evos found measurable amounts of C14 within diamonds. In fact, one study, which this study was conducted by the evos themselves, found, and I quote, "essentially identical" values as far as C14.

... Six fragments cut from a single diamond exhibited essentially identical 14C values 69.3 0.5 ka 70.6 0.5 ka BP. The oldest 14C age equivalents were measured on natural diamonds which exhibited the highest current yields. ...

Okay, they cut a diamond into 6 parts, and each part showed essentially identical amounts of C14. Now I ask you, do you believe the C14 found in this diamond was derived due to contamination? Diamond itself seems too hard to allow for "outside C14" contamination.

If you do think it's contamination, how do you explain the almost perfectly equal diffusion of "contaminating" C14? I mean, coupled with roughly equal coal sample dates, I think contamination can be ruled out as the amounts of it are too precise and equal throughout the tested samples of both coal and diamonds respectively.
From your link above.
Use of natural diamonds to monitor 14C AMS instrument backgrounds
Guess you don't know what that means, huh?

Any idea what that "same level of c14 detected in all 6 samples" refers to/implies in this case? I'm thinking....... No.

This should be entertaining.


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