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Originally Posted by packsaddle View Post
if an officer responds to an armed subject call, and you are the armed subject, then yes you will likely by asked for identification and yes you are being detained.
Unlawful detainment

yes you will need to present your identification and yes the officer may also run the serial number to check for stolen.
My state is not a stop and ID state. So there is no need to present my ID and no they may not lawfully run the serial number on my gun. However if they do so I will not resist.

you can resist the officer's demands but i promise it likely won't end well for you.
Sure I can but I won't. If he wants to violate my rights that's fine. The department can pay for that later.

remember you are the reason for the call for service.
I'm breaking no law and I did not call myself in.

don't be mad at the officer, be mad at the hoplophobiac who called you in.
Not mad at the cop unless he detains me.

or, be mad at liberals who created all the hoplophobia in the first place.
I am.

or maybe just be mad at yourself for walking around with an exposed gun in a world of hoplophobiacs.
I'm not. I probably would never have gotten into open carry had the age to get a CPL be 18 instead of 21 (I'm 20 now). So I'd say blame the state of Michigan for getting me into open carry.

yes it's sad but it's the world we live in and at this point it appears there's no going back.
The public and law enforcement are becoming well educated regarding open carry and stops are becoming few and far between. Ideally there should be none but that just comes from education. 99% of cops are great guys and many of them know open carry is legal. Even the ones who don't like it realize it's legal and leave those who OC alone.
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