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The basic knowledge of reloading should be learned from books not only because it reduces the use of bandwidth for answering unnecessary questions, but because the bulk of information should be learned from known sources. If I started a thread about "How do I adjust my sizer die?" I'll get 40 answers and at least 10 of them will be flat out wrong. If I read Hornady's, Lyman's etc manuals about how to adjust the die, I'll get one answer and it will be correct.

There seems to be a trend for noobs to avoid manuals. Some noobs anyway. They figure they can ask on the internet and get data from websites and be good to go. It's a big mistake. Before you spend one nickel on tools, spend the $10.00 or so Midway is clearancing out the Hornady #8 for.

I get asked by lots of people about how to get into reloading at my club. I tell them to get a manual before they do anything else and to stay off the internet for knowledge regarding reloading.

The internet is a great place to get recipes and learn how to change the cabin air filter on your car. It's very hit and miss regarding reloading.
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