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Not true. If I pull someone over that has a cpl license and they are not carrying their gun, I ask them "why not. I would if I were you" It is not the LAW ABIDING citizens carrying a firearm we are worried about. Most officers i know do not have a problem with that. Criminals typically do not get their guns legally. Major difference.
I have never had an issue when pulled over with a firearm. One time I offered the information as the driver was presenting her license and registration and the other I was driving and the weapons question preceeded the officer asking for my license and registration. Both stops ended without incident. The stop where I offered the information, the officer asked where the firearm was and I responded that it was in the center console. All he said was to leave it where it was and that was the end of it. The other stop the officer disarmed me and ran the serial. He came back and handed me my firearm, asked me not to reload it until he left, and let me go with no ticket.
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As for the police stopping someone open carrying. Do realize how many calls from citizens the police get on "person with a gun"? Police then have to respond and "check out" that person with a gun. But does not mean the police are against that.
The irony of it is that you would think a criminal would not OC to begin with. I would imagine someone intent on commiting a crime would want the least amount of people possible to see the gun until he was actually using it. But then again some criminals do take the cake when it comes to deserving the Darwin award.
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