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Originally Posted by MeanAction View Post
I'm still trying to firgure out what people mean when they say they Open Carry? Are all these open carry people tucking their shirt in? I'm calling a foul right there. Why are you tucking your shirt in goobers? LOL. I carry a G36 in a high ride OWB holster with my shirt untucked 4-5 days a week. I find that most people are to preoccupied with their lives to notice a slight bulge on my hip.
My carry weapon is chosen by what I am wearing. Loose fitting untucked shirt and it is either a G27 or a G19 in an OWB holster. Dress clothes and it is a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster. Even if OC was legal in my state, I would never want the attention. I appreciate the job that most police officers do, however I am going to limit my chance of interaction with them whil on the job as much as possible, especially when it concerns a firearm. Although most are ok from my experience, not all officers do share the view that civilians should be carrying weapons.
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