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Tazz, I don't see the point in all this. There are two philosophies out there, the "penetration" guys and the "energy dump" guys. I've been around long enough to know that we will never get both sides to agree.

I think you are asking for a bullet that will do the job of penetrating / killing a large animal, like a bear, with a bullet that will "stop" a human attacker. We don't have bullets that will do both satisfactorily 100% of the time. Such is my dilemma, for when I carry my G20 in "bear country" when I am hunting predators at night, I would like to have a bullet capable of penetration, hopefully through bone. Then, when I stop for a snack on my way home at the all night mini-mart/gas station (stop & rob), I would want that same bullet to not overpenetrate on a human torso in the event the store is robbed late at night and there are innocents in the store. I understand what you are asking for completely, but I think the best bullet would be a "jack of all trades and master of none." I can load heavy for hunting and light for SD, but unfortunately I can't load for both.

I like the idea that there are now bullets that will penetrate vehicle windshields and still expand nicely in human tissue.

I apologize for "butting in." I know your post was intended for Mas, but I feel partly responsible because this was brought up in my thread regarding your 200 grain Talon loads.

Take care and have a good day.
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