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Tazz I am sorry for your friend, and I am sorry for whatever health issues you have or had. I hope and pray that you are well.

I agree we need penetration and expansion. I would love to have a "do all" bullet that will serve me in the woods and on the streets.

Is overpenetration a concern? I think it is, at least here in NJ, the most crowded state in the country. For a rural state trooper or sheriff's officer, overpenetration may not be as much of an issue. This would depend on location and circumstances as well. I fully agree, with someone shooting up a mall or a theatre, we have to take decisive action, doing the best we can under the lousy circumstances of having innocents, and possibly our own family members present.

Let me ask, how would you load coming home from the woods hunting predators, with the possibility of engaging an armed felon on the way home? The Silvertip is one answer, though it may not do both jobs satisfactorily (may be too soft for large animal defense).

As far as having a fiduciary responsibility to the shooting public and even law enforcement, I understand where you are coming from.
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