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Thanks 4949shooter, i appreciate it.

I didn't almost die from a health problem. I was spearfishing and getting back into it after a few years and testing out some new equipment in the process and found out the hard way that although ones old wetsuit hood was in good condition and felt nice and fine and comfortable, it was actually a bit too tight and cut off the blood/oxygen flow to my brain............ found myself hyperventilating and didn't know why, and, couldn't stop no matter how hard i tried. Lucky/Blessed for me i learned long ago how to listen to that still small voice in my head (that was eventually yelling at me! hahaha) and i managed to get that stupid hood off my head before it was too late...(really, really, REALLY, close to "gone"). I could literally feel the "shape of my brain" for about a week after... and my thinking wasn't all that sharp and clear for about a month after... but, everything seems to be just fine now... all systems are "go".

As for the bullets and overpenetration, overpenetration is always a concern, in my book, just as is missing. What might amount to a "little bonk" to an adult could conceivably be a "huge bonk" and harm a little baby. One thing i've learned from doing ballistics testing is that "bullets can do really weird an unpredictable things". Never underestimate them. Always be concerned.

I live out in the woods... THICK woods... rain forest. A bear or cougar, coyote, feral dog, or meth crazed idiot or otherwise warped minded idiot could jump out of the woods at any time. I'm also pretty sure there are a lot of Muslims that would LOVE to kill me. Hey, what can i say? I do what i want, go where i want, say what i want, and deal with whatever. I truly live free... thanks to God and America.

If i am specifically going into the woods and it's not just a spur of the moment thing, i go get either my G20 and load it with at least 180gr JSP kick'n out at 1350fps, or, i grab my shotgun with buckshot and slugs... oh, and what amounts to a short sword. I always have some sort of very quickly accessible and "capable" small bladed knife on me. Out in these woods, they are so thick, that an attack by a bear or whatever could initiate instantly from "in your face close". And i most often go out alone. Often, i literally have to crawl on hands and knees. And since i go where humans rarely ever go, if something happens to me like a broken leg or "skewering" from falling on a broken branch sticking up from a fallen tree or something, or getting killed in a bear attack/confrontation, i don't ever count on anyone ever finding me. It just doesn't enter into the equation. If i suddenly disappear... don't feel bad for me, have a beer, or better yet, have a party.

As for vermin, we have a serious problem on Fox Island with coyotes threatening and even attacking or trying to attack people. Pets, they are getting shredded and eaten. I have several options ready to go at a moments notice for those. Everything from the requisite Ruger 10/22 starting with Stingers, etc., up thru long guns with various loads of .223, 12 ga., and 30.06. We "Fox Islanders" (we have no local "government") got together and contracted with the USDA to have their "coyote guys" (my term) to come out and deal with them. Two guys... and i've talked to them... they are "really good". They are using (among other things) suppressed .243's. One of the guys told me that he called in one neighborhood area and a pack leader came directly in and seriously challenged him... silly guy forgot to bring a gun...hahaha... away, he luckily had found in advance and picked up a baseball bat left behind by some kid, and used it to fight off the coyote. He told me that that coyote was the most aggressive coyote he had ever encountered... and he estimates he's killed thousands of them. He knows his coyotes.

My "everyday general purpose carry combo" for "whatever" is my G29 with 20 rounds of Black Talons. Basically, it's what i call a "pocket carbine" with enough ammo in one magazine to deal fairly well with pretty much any situation including a small mob or gang... which, i have had to deal with in the past on more than one occasion. Hey, i used to live in the Los Angeles area...hahaha... gangs EVERYWHERE, along with the occasional dangerous wild animals... cougar, bear, coyotes, total psycho's.

If i am driving home from an elk or bear hunt where we now have packs of freaking 150+lb Gray Wolves, i carry my G20 with max power 180gr or heavier JSP's, while still out in the boonies and could break down, then, when i get into the populated areas i switch to my G29 with the Black Talons as i am much more likely to have to deal with a felon or other psycho than a bear or wolf.

For practice; during the LA Riots i learned to use inexpensive JHP's that are 170-200 grain. That way, when i am done practicing, whatever ammo i have left over goes into the "cheap bullets for cheap people" category. If there is one thing i learned from being in those riots, i don't care how much ammo you think you have, or how powerful it is, you don't have enough. Your thinking will instantly change. You will go for the most "capable" long gun you have. Your long gun will become your handgun. Your handgun will instantly become the equivalent of a pocket knife and you will barely think about it, but you will be glad you have it for backup. Your pocket knife will be almost forgotten. If you don't have one, you will DREAM of having a folding or at least collapsible stock on your long gun. You will take it EVERYWHERE you go. You will LOVE it. It will be your best friend.

You will also want to have at least one great human friend who is WELL trained in combat... and has his own guns with him... and if he doesn't you will provide him with whatever you can... and you will want him to sit "shotgun" with you as you drive around or whatever, and you will want him to know your guns well, and you his guns well.

You will each want, if you don't already have, at least 3 guns each, all the time with you, rifle, shotgun, pistol. All high capacity, all with flashlights... and a crap load (cases) of ammo for each... at least. You will either have these things or you won't. If you don't have them, you will dream about them, because you are not likely to get them any time soon as all the gun shops will quickly sell out and have bare shelves... except maybe for 10mm... and if you are a big 10mm fan you will smile... and clean off that shelf and take it all regardless of brand, load, or price. Others around you in that shop will be sad faced and feel down... because their 9, .40, and .45 and other "common caliber" guns are sadly lacking in having the ammo that they now realize they should have stocked up on long ago. During the LA Riots I was surprised there was still some 12 ga buck and slug ammo, and also some 30.06 ammo left... i bought it all... thinking "too bad" for those that came after me looking for it.

During the LA Riots, the police were the first thing to "go". They were pulled back and sent to staging areas to figure out what to do and gear up. EVERYONE was on their own. EVERYONE divided into one of two groups... "instigators and looters of opportunity" and the other group; "those trying to protect themselves and family and get out of Dodge". Police included. Many got frustrated with waiting around a staging area and left to go home and take care of their wives an kids first and get them away to a safe area. Then those LEO's came back to face the criminals.

Instead of trying to protect a property that you will likely be burnt out of, better to do a tactical retreat to a place you can defend and hold out there. And don't forget to take your photo albums and important papers, etc. as suddenly they will be the only "valuables" you have except your guns and ammo. People will want to buy guns and ammo from you... and you will laugh at them.

Now, what kind of weapon/gun/ammo do you want to carry? 2nd what? Oh yeah, 2nd Amendment.
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