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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
About the orignal Black Talons, I have a recovered the 200 grain 10mm bullet, where I dispatched a wounded deer with one (factory 980 fps). The shot entered the base of the head behind the right jaw broadside hit, traveled across to the other side of the neck turned and went down the neck, with a wound track that was spiral cut down the left side the neck muscles and cam to rest inside the left front shoulder at the leg joint.

The bullet opened and spread the talon claws outward as advertised!

At the factory velocities of 980 fps muzzle, I would not trust their performance as personal defense. They might be better suited for CQB for LEO in the performance of their duties to bring a perp to justice...


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Sounds to me like it did pretty good on that deer. How many inches of travel was it?

Also, often, if a hollowpoint starts out at a higher velocity it will penetrate less because of the increased expansion due to the velocity and also shed weight and so penetrate less.
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