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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
Here is a pretty good video on 10mm Black Talon expansion and penetration:

10mm Black Talon expansion test - YouTube
Cool vid. I've done a bunch of testing on water and an number of other mediums. Water in plastic jugs really doesn't give that good of an idea of how a bullet/load will perform on a human or other animal, but, it does allow you to recover a bullet quite well and see the expansion.

Human skin, though it might feel soft, can be amazingly tough. About the closest medium readily available for ballistic testing would be a slab of bacon with skin on, a rack of pork ribs, followed by gelatin, pork ribs, and another slab of bacon with skin on. Total thickness should be the thickness of a typical human. Put "clothes" on it. To test for so called "overpenetration" double the "simulated human" and put one behind the other. Put a bunched up old blanket behind it all to catch whatever goes beyond. The blanket will prevent any further deformation of the spent bullet. Shoot several bullets so some of the bullets contact ribs and some don't. You can also put a pig spine in there to simulate hits on the human spine. Be sure to "hold it together" so it doesn't all "jump and fall down". It might cost a little bit for the target medium, but, the results will be about as good as you can get. Clear gel is best, as it will show effects, including bone fragments, without having to cut it open. Video it!
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