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Tazz, I like your pork plan, but it sounds expensive and it might waste an otherwise good pig.

A better idea is to locate one of those ass-clown gangsters with their pants on the ground and use a round on them. No expense (even SAVES money on welfare payouts), no waste of pork and it closely replicates what would happen in a REAL human, like one who has a job and pays taxes. Maybe I shouldn't post when I'm all hopped up on leftovers.

But seriously, as I mentioned above, one of my guys recently used .40 Winchester Ranger T Series, 180 gr. with great results. The bad guy was DRT. recovered rounds expanded perfectly (subject was only wearing a T shirt and tattoos) and the exit wounds were gruesome. 8 out of 9 hit center mass, a few were through and through. I these rounds in .40 did this well, imagine a 10mm version. I guess if we want em we're stuck pulling .40s and re-packing them in a 10. :-(
I feel pretty comfortable with my Underwood 155 gr. GDs in my 29SF and 20SF for now though.
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