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Originally Posted by VN350X10 View Post
NO, NO, NO.... When you do lobster on the grill, you don't split them. Leave the shells whole, head off. Put them over the coals intact & let the little buggers steam in their own juices, otherwise they dry out & get real tough.
And lobster done correctly don't need no fancy,yuppie flavor ingredients, just get the melted butter ready, with a squirt of lime juice & a touch of dill. Leave the garlic for the shrimp alfredo or whatever.
From frozen, 5-6 oz tails, about 13-16 min. depending on the heat, if you're using wood or charcoal. Don't over-cook or they a get tough !
Keep 'em tender & you be a happy camper !

uncle albert
Head off? What??? The head is the best part! INFIDEL!!!
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