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49, the only reason i'm alive is because i fought to live... and i had to fight HARD. If i would have panicked like i ALMOST did, and God knows i "wanted" to... hahaha... i would have been dead for sure. I "looked over the edge" between keeping under control and panic, and it was death... so i backed away quick. And much as i'm not really at all afraid of dying, i realized how much i really wanted to live. Life in this world is actually pretty good... bad as it can be.

Silvertips, i'm not real impressed with. And the old ones had WAY too much flash for night shooting. BEAUTIFUL actually, but very distracting and a bit blinding. Flame was about 3+ feet long and 2+ feet wide... and WHITE... with lots of pretty colors tinged in. Very little "orange" like that from what the gang punk shot at me. He must have been using something like a .25 Raven... and the flame from his gun was really cool looking... it was a round rolling ball of orange fire about 10 inches across... sounded like a firecracker. And although i was literally expecting him to take a shot at me even though i couldn't see a gun, somehow i knew he would. BUT, even though i "knew" he would, i was still clueless when he finally did and i heard it and saw the rolling ball of flame. I silently asked myself; "What the hell was that... a firecracker???" And the "little voice in my head" (which you will learn to listen to if your are smart, hahaha...) said very calmly and matter of factly, and kinda like a woman's voice; "Noo... he just shot at you." And i said silently to myself; "Oh... ok... well, i know what to do..." BAWOOOM!!!! LOUD!!! Lit up the entire neighborhood like lightning. Winchester should have named those "Lightning Rounds"... hahaha...

Anyway, i HIGHLY recommend you practice point shooting over your shoulder backwards out the window of your car... along with every other kind of point shooting you can come up with. Also shooting with a buddy at the same time. Just be sure to only practice with super competent people...hahaha.... it's dangerous as hell.
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