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N-105 180gr Speer TMJ

Shot some 180gr SpeerTMJ's through a G20-SF with N-105 powder.
Glock 20SF with factory barrel and spring
Rounds were seated to 1.26” COL
Circles are 5˝” at 25 yards
Shooting was done off of a Caldwell Pistol Rest
Velocities taken with an Oehler Mod 33 chronograph. Skyscreens centered 8’ from muzzle.

10mm Reloading Forum

11.1grs was somewhat compressed with the Speer 180 TMJ and12.0grs was even more so. N-105 is an extruded powder and it doesn’t meter as well as some others.
11.1grs produced a not so great group.. It would seem N-105 doesn't like to be loaded down..
11.7grs is as far as I want to go here with this gun.. 12.0grs gave head expansion larger than I want to go.
Both 3N38 and N-105 maxed out at about 1200 fps in the factory barrel.

11.1grs .4334,.4334, .4332, .4340, .4330
11.4grs .4336,.4337, .4339, .4332, .4335
11.7grs .4336,.4344, .4340, .4336, .4341
12.0grs .4342,.4346, .4344, .4345, .4336

Not sure why the groups were so far left and high..
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