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Shot some 180gr SpeerTMJ's through a G20-SF with Ramshot Silhouette powder.
Glock 20SF with factory barrel and spring
Rounds were seated to1.26” COL
Circles are 5” at 25yards
Shooting was done off of a Caldwell Pistol Rest
Velocities taken with an Oehler Mod 33 chronograph. Skyscreens centered 8’ from muzzle.

Data on targets;
Average velocity
Velocity spread
Standard deviation

10mm Reloading Forum


Ramshot is listing 8.4grs as a maximum load with a 180gr bullet. Case expansion is indicating this is a rather mild load. Watching expansion I took Silhouette up to 9.0grs. Four of five cases at 9.0grs showed acceptable expansion, except the one .4345”, which is where I stop.

8.4grs .4337, .4334, .4331, .4334, .4333
8.6grs .4334, .4333, .4331, .4337, .4336
8.8grs .4339, .4341, .4335, .4342, .4336
9.0grs .4336, .4345, .4342, .4338, .4341

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