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Thanks Tazz.

I am curious as to the Silvertip, and the other 10mm loads we talk about, and how they perform on the human target. Evan Marshall lists a few in his last book, but there really isn't a lot of data to go on since the FBI and the other law enforcement agencies dropped the 10mm in favor of the .40 S&W. Now there aren't any LE agencies that carry the ten, and we don't have many shootings from the few of us who are enthusiastic enough to carry this awesome round. We are stuck in a position where we don't really know what these loads are capable of in real world gun fights, and we have some newer loads to choose from like the Hornady, the "downloaded" Silvertip, the boutique ammo, etc. Even the Corbon 150 grain has only logged 10 shootings. And you are correct about the Silvertip, with 64 shootings did not reach into the 90th percentile, nor did the other 180 grain loads. But these were older loads anyway, and we unfortunately don't have any more real world data to go on for 10mm anymore. Just how will these newer loads in 10mm perform?

I think the best we can do now is take what we know from the .40 cal shootings and apply it to our own needs in the 10mm. For example, the 165 grain and 155 grain .40's seem to be doing the best. Also, the Texas DPS troopers really like their .357 Sig 125 grain loads at ~1450. We can easily duplicate and exceed these loads in a 10mm. The problem is finding the "sweet spot." There has to be a point of diminishing returns with the 10mm loads. When do we exit the realm of a good "human stopper" and get into the realm of "large animal stopper," if there is such a thing with a handgun. I think the Silvertip was loaded beyond what is necessary for most human targets. At what weight / velocity does the 10mm stop dumping its energy and start over penetrating? And by "overpenetrating" I don't necessarily mean perforating the target and hitting an innocent bystander (which is still a concern), but I mean not allowing the bullet to expend its energy in a human torso.

These issues have been on my mind, and I would like to get some answers but unfortunately as the situation stands we won't be getting much data on 10mm shootings.

Sorry for the ramble.
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