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Originally Posted by veprx4 View Post
Success! Fired over 50 reloaded 9x25 Dillon rounds with no issues whatsoever. I used a metal straight edge and a piece of .003" shim stock to check the headspace adjustment before locking down the sizing die. Thanks to all for your helpful feedback.

That's great! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with 9x25.
DM1906 had alot of great points which I do agree with generaly. I would comment that one big reason to have proper headspacing 0n 9x25 and 357sig is that proper headspace will increase the life of your brass. These bottlenecks tend to crack at the neck and shoulders so the less the brass has to blow out to fit your chamber the more times you can use it. Also I have a Berretta in 357sig that won't reliably headspace off the extractor.
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