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Originally Posted by Vic Hays View Post
Thank you, you made my point on irrational reasoning.
Vic, you believe a magical being is going to come save you from demons and eternal damnation because an archaic book says so with absolutely no proof whatsoever. You're not in a position to question someone else's reasoning.
CavDoc: "If you have to pretend that a person with a different opinion has an opinion other than his own in order to score points in an argument, you've forfeited any points that you pretended to have."
CavDoc: "You consider yourself as non-religious, and I consider you a religious zealot."

JBnTX: "Freedom of religion doesn't mean you can worship any God, anyway you see fit or not even worship any God if you so choose. [...] Christianity should be the only religion protected under the constitution, and congress shall make no law restricting its practice."
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