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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
For gold to go to $50,000 ounce, everything else would have to go up as well. You'd be looking at $100 per gallon gas, etc. In other words, the dollar's value has collapsed.

If you think you're suddenly going to be able to buy a (in today's money) $1 million mansion for 20 ounces of gold, you're way off base.
You sir win the prize!

Gold won't change in it's value... everything else will.

We will of course end up with another paper currency to replace the dollar, or maybe just keep the dollar around and add extra zeros on some new bills. It's been done.

As to it happening it's when not if unless someone can explain how we can print half of what the government spends for the forseeable future and NOT have our currency effected.

Right now it's becoming a main stream media topic. How long do you think that it will take before people get smart or scared in our country or others? I think that as soon as people acknowledge the idea it will accelerate very rapidly.
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