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Originally Posted by glock20hunter View Post
So last night I had a decent 8 point at 15yds but decided to pass. About 20 minutes later a monster 12 point ran through my thicket at about 60yds. I just couldn't get him to stop for a shot.

Anyway, I really wanted some meat so I decided to take a doe if I saw a mature one. I had a few young does come by really close but I couldn't be for sure they weren't button bucks mixed in. Then this big girl strolled through. I shot her at 40yds and she fell dead within 25yds. As part of our management program we have to weigh them. She was 152lbs which is big for Arkansas

I was using my stock Glock 20 with Truglo TFO sights. The bullet was Underwood 200gr XTP and it did a great job. The bullet entered mid cavity and broke through her ribs and exited by her neck.There was no recovery of the bullet but the exit was a sizeable hole. I will definitely be using these bullets from here on out. And for what its worth these were more accurate at 60-80yds than the Buffalo Bore.

The 10 Ring

The 10 Ring
The 10 Ring
Congratulations, that's a monster of a doe! They average around 90 pounds in my neck of the woods. In my opinion, any game taken with a pistol is something to be proud of! I'll have to try that Underwood load.
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