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In my opinion there has to be other life. I think about this all the time...everytime I worry about money or my job or the the end it's all sort of insignificant in the face of it all..but at the same time, it's all we've got, so we might as well do something.

We float around on a speck of sand traveling thousands of miles per hour around a sun, which is just one of billions of other stars in the universe. I think its something like the closest star to us is 16.8 Billion light years away from us. That means we'd have to travel for 16.8 billion years, AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, to get there. I'm not a scientist, or a space travel expert, but I'm pretty sure its near impossible, since its damn difficult to get anything with any amount of mass to travel that fast. Then there is the whole issue of a Human being's life span...

We are a part of just one galaxy that is a part of millions of others which make up the universe..which is probably apart of some other crazy ****. If we can study certain "laws" that seem to act the same way in our galaxy, such as what carbon based life forms need to survive, i.e. food, water, shelter, etc, then its very possible that other life forms out there are also carbon based, and may even look something like us.

Who knows? That's the beauty of it all. I may be an idealist, but if human beings started worrying less about money and who believes in what god and which country has the most stuff, and started worrying about humanity as a whole, pooling the worlds resources, maybe one day we could find out whats out there.

But we're irrational and violent. Oh well, gives me a reason to carry a gun.
"If our opponent is to be made to comply with our will, we must place him in a situation which is more oppressive to him than the sacrifice which we demand."
-General Carl von Clausewitz
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