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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
What state are you in?

A trust for NFA weapons would be completely separate from any other trust you might be involved with, and would contain ONLY your NFA firearms and suppressors. Nothing else.

Make certain you have a NFA lawyer do a trust specific to your own personal requirements.

Google "NFA Gun Trust" and you'll find lots of information.

I did the Google thing before I posted. The real question is, what is the down side.

I found out the down side to the Corp rout is when you move out of state and want to add to the collection.

I expect to continue to move every 3-5 years for the next 20 or so. Will my trust move with me?

What states can I not use a trust to own NFA items in?

And any other down side.

Based on what I have seen I think a trust should be an easy document for a lawyer. Heck, I think I could do it based on what I have read on the internet and I am not a lawyer.
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