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Originally Posted by mrstrau View Post
Your grammar is confusing here; I'm not quite sure what you mean.

Either way, there is no such thing as absolute truth, especially when it comes to the larger pictures such as the global socioeconomic crisis or space exploration.

We are but mere mortals.

Anyway, at the risk of getting into an argument on the internet, which can degenerate into HERPA DERPA DERP, I will agree to disagree, if that's okay with you.

People who produce, being forced to take care of those who WONT, while the government collects a vig and sets the rules for themselves holds us back more than anything else.

You cant raise the bottom by placing a cap on the top. Not all mortals are the same.
In the world to come, each of us will be called to account for all the good things G-d put on earth which we refused to enjoy. ~ The Babylonian Talmud

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