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Originally Posted by SpringerTGO View Post
It doesn't seem to matter if it's guns or anything else. Lots of people who have had good luck with a product seem to have some kind of need to discredit people who haven't been so fortunate. It's like you believe that if you tell us how great your Kimbers are, ours never had a problem.
Whether you guys with working Kimbers like it or not, lots of us have had bad experience with the company.
My Kimber Ultra was garbage. Blame it on the short size all you want, but if Kimber can't make it reliable, they shouldn't sell it. Their service was slow, and they didn't fix the problems. The fact they make you waste 500 rounds of ammunition before they even begin to talk to you is wrong.

Go ahead and hate me for posting the truth about my experience.
I don't need to discredit someone to feel better. I have owned several hundred firearms in my life time. I have had or knew someone that brought me their gun because of minor troubles that for me were easy to fix.

I have told people when they explain a problem that they should call the manufacture and make arrangement to have them repair the gun. Most of todays gun manufactures go out of their way to fix their products. My experiences also includes other gun related manufactures such as scopes.

I always said that if the U.S. automobile industry treated it customers as well as the gun industry treats its customers there would no foreign cars in the U.S.

Why take a Kimber to a gunsmith when you can send it to Kimber? At least call them first.

If you were to take a pole of experienced 1911 owners most would not be impressed with the quality of the work of the mentioned gunsmith.

It just doesn't add up.
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