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I have been carrying a G36 for the past year, since Wisconsin's conceal carry went into effect.

I also use a High Noon Holster - the Mr. Softie model. It was about $30 and has held up most excellently. It's also a very safe holster because you never need to unholster your weapon. If you are disarming for any reason, the whole holster comes out with the gun in it, therefore never exposing the trigger, greatly reducing the chance of a negligent discharge, most of which occur when drawing or holstering your weapon.

As far as bullet types go. I tend to stick with a 200gr +P or a 230gr +P. I have carried Speer Gold Dot 200 gr. +P, Hornady Tap 200gr +P and currently carry Winchester Ranger-T 230gr +P. It's my opinion to stay away from the lighter, faster 185gr and 165gr bullets. While they are definitely faster, the lower bullet weight reduces the sectional density, which affects penetration. It's simply not worth it to me. A 200gr +P or 230gr +P at 900-1000 fps (out of the 3.78" G36 barrel) is more than effective.

I have not had any problem with any ammo I have fed my G36. Zero malfunctions in over a 1,000 rounds. But make sure to test, I'd say, at least 50 rounds of your designated carry ammo before trusting your life with it. And keep that firing pin channel, extractor and extractor channel clean. I take apart my slide and thoroughly clean it every 200-300 rounds. And of course I clean after every range session, even if I've only fired 20 rounds. It's a carry gun. You can never be too anal about cleaning it.

Good luck.

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