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We have a limited number of NEW, Glock Factory frames that are built with all the parts and ready to shoot. All you need to do is drop the upper onto this frame and start shooting. These are extremely rare because they are brand new. Keep in mind, these are sold as a firearm and must be sold through an FFL dealer just like the complete firearm. Magazines not included.

Please note:
No discounts are available on the purchase of Glock factory frames. Discounts will only apply to accessories and parts.
Frames must be shipped via 2nd Day Air with UPS, to your selected FFL.
This is a flat rate, $40 charge.
Not available for export outside the United States.

Just out of curiosity, what does your FFL charge for a transfer? Mine, the last time I asked was $35, but it might have gone up. That was more than a couple of years ago. Again, you are correct, it is still cheaper than a G29 purchase.
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