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Originally Posted by jimsmith1941 View Post
Be aware that you may not be able to shoot lead from a L/W barrel.

I bought one about 2 yrs ago as I had a "wild hair" to buy a long slide from them.

I never did and tried recently to shoot some lead reloads but they would not chamber ( would chamber in my 1006 as well as my 610 which is a lot "tighter" than my1006 ).

I have seen where other people have had the same problem and have sent it back to L/W. When I called L/W, they wanted $30.00 + some "dummy" reloads so they could open the barrel + about another $3.00 for return shipping.

With fmj, the barrel is accurate and seems to be more accurate that the stock barrel in my 20.

I have also read that the barrels are manuf outside the US but do not know if this is true. Also, the chamber support @ the ramp appears to be not as tight on current barrels as with old ones.

If I had it to do over again, I would look at other barrels such as KKM storm lake or ect.

If you want a sight devoted to the 10mm, you would be flooded with responses to this - !

Just my 2 cents worth.

Hope you enjoy your 20.
As Jim Smith indicates with LWD barrels you may want to read this thread.

It is quite long,18 or something pages but it should give you a flavor of the problem and attitude of the company,too aid in your decision. SJ 40
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