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Let me tell you a little story:
2 Feb 1972 on the Vietnam/Cambodia border west of Buon Ma Thuot.

I was with another sniper, observing one of the thousands of trails that made up the “Ho Chi Minh trail”. A PFC with the radio was providing rear security to the south. Unknown to us, he took a nap in the sun and didn’t wake up until a reinforced NVA company was almost on top of him. He jumped up and ran over the hill toward us, followed by the NVA soldiers. Long story short, we ended up in a jumble of rocks with a shot-up radio, surrounded and outnumbered 40-to-1. The NVA Weapons Platoon set up mortars and started dropping bombs on us. At no time during this did I start praying. I was too busy trying to stay alive to think about some mythical being in the clouds.
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