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I bought a Storm Lake 6.02" barrel for my Glock 20 in October.
I'm happy with it, and would suggest that you not rule them out.

My reasons for buying it were:
1. Better chamber support
2. Tighter tolerances for potentially better accuracy
3. Increased muzzle velocity with off the shelf ammo, as well as getting the most out of doing my own loads.

-The improved chamber support was obvious right out of the box when I dropped a cartridge into the chamber.
Especially in the area where the ramp transitions into the chamber, and also in how much less "slop" in the chamber.

-The Storm Lake barrel has measurably tighter tolerances in how it fits into the slide.
I found this when I took measurements from both barrels.

-Before buying, I had seen videos of chronoed range tests that convinced me of increased muzzle velocity and accuracy from the Storm lake barrel vs the stock barrel.

-Out of the box:
The barrel was physically a drop in fit.

Function wise, it would sometimes jam with a cartridge half way chambered.

It also threw the brass much harder, which indicated to me the longer barrel was increasing the muzzle velocity.

-Minor Tweaks for reliable function:

1. Polished the ramp and chamber a little.

2. SLIGHTLY rounded the sharp edge where the ramp transitioned into the chamber.

3. Replaced the stock guide rod and spring with a ISMI Stainless Captured Guide Rod with a 22 pound spring.

It NOW works flawlessly, with the best chamber support I can get, has increased muzzle velocity, and drops the spent brass close to me.


I polished the barrel to a semi-mirror finish, and did a little polishing to the sides of the outside of the chamber area..

This was suggested by another forum member to reduce wear and give better smoothness of operation.
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