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I own the same Kabar Shorty w/ leather sheath. Been on many day hikes, deer hunting, squirrel and rabbit hunting. Never an issue, holds an edge, and use a pull through sharpener to make it keen. The size of the grip fits my hand.

Added a Mora #2, neck style(Cody Lundin inspired)with a piece of paracord. A decent knife, carbon steel also. Easy to work, and added a small paracord loop to avoid losing it on the handle. No complaints, Kabar is a little heavier on the belt, both good knives.

Enter #3. Full size Kabar USMC. Big Daddy to the shorty! Plastic sheath has a ton of mounting options, belt carry loop is well sized, like the Shorty. Used the pull through to keen up the blade, wasn't bad out of the box. Heavy compared to the others, a real tool that could survive a baton session, as long as you use the blade to work.

Enter #4. Cold Steel Bushman w/ Bowie Blade. Big knife also, used some 550 para on the handle, and crazy glued the front as no guard on the knife. Sharpened up well, but not quite the blade as the full size Kabar. did a little baton on small branches, does okay, but chips the blade, so re sharpened. Belt loop sucked, barely got on my trouser belt(BDU style-nylon), did have a little pouch on the front, so put my Altoids Survival kit inside- good carry option. Handle is hollow, so not sure what to fill up with and maybe a wine bottle cork to seal up the hole?
Just a quick review of some of my newer knives. All are pretty good, watch for specials and add as you may to your collection.
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