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Originally Posted by leadslinger13 View Post
i have even thouht about cutting a 20 frame down t 29 size. it has been discussed here before and i haven't heard many who have done it or their experiences if they have. Now here is someone who has made a 26 ls an article why and video on how they like it so far.

Rob pincus:

Rob Pincus tests the Glock 26L by Business End Customs - YouTube

To each his own. i am still thinking whis would be a great alternative.
Yes, I'm not understanding the hate. The primary drawback of a Glock 20 for concealed carry is how large the grip is. Cutting it down to G29 eliminates that. And it's not like I'm affecting the overall structural integrity. The part that takes the pressure will be untouched. Worst thing that happens is that I screw it up. Oh well, got a G20 SF frame for it to be on.
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