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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Wow, you think they're ugly?

To each their own, I guess.
My taste tends to be a bit blingy, and they look almost like dated 1911s to me... Kind of the same issues I have with the 10mm deltas... They just look "old"

I will admit, I like the ones with the black machine aluminum grips in the pics above... I guess those just have enough of a modern look for me over the more stayed smooth wood.

Again though taste is of course subjective.

I've thought about ordering one for laughs but I've got to take it easy with more $1500 toys..

The gun still on the top of my "dumb things I don't need and shouldn't spend money on" is a s&w 500 revolver.... Only God knows why
Unfortunately, with all the advances in medical science, there still just isnt any cure for "stupid".

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