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Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
1)...a counter-example: "The IRA is terrorist. But also yes, the IRA is Catholic." Do we therefore condemn all Catholics or Catholicism in general?
2) Perhaps, they find other ways to kills them now.
3)Your argument is that because some Chirstians and Jews don't follow the commands of the Bible, it's all good?
4)For every Muslim who would say that these killings are part of their religion, there are 10 who say otherwise...
5)In the case of honor killings, they long predate Islam, so how can they be a result of it?
6)For the same reason there are still gangs and murder in America, despite most Americans being against them...
7)That sounds dangerously like the arguments put forth by anti-2nd amendment proponents who claims that our Founding Fathers couldn't imagine firearms with detachable 100 round magazines. Is that also a position you support?
1) Catholics, a subset of all Christians, follow the Bible, which, unlike the Islamic Koran, does NOT endorse terrorism. So your analogy is bogus.

2) Some obscure African, partial-Christian sect does not represent all Christians. So your analogy is bogus.

3) But that's not what I said, is it? (Be honest) So your argument is bogus.

4) Not true. Today's total of deadly Muslim attacks just since 9/11/01 has gone up to 20,016 (note the increase since yesterday).

5) If honor killings are unIslamic and predate islam, how come 91% of the world's honor killings are done by Muslims?

6) While American criminals are NOT behaving at all like Christ, Islamic terrorists are "good" Muslims, acting just like their mass-beheading, caravan-robbing, pedophile 'prophet' did. So your argument is bogus.

7) See Luke 22:36
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