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Originally Posted by bobbss View Post
This will be my first 1911.The Sig is way lower on my list,I do have a Sig P938 I like.I haven't found a TRP at any LGSs,and aren't they more like $1,400.00 or more?I've got to draw a line somewhere.
The lowest price that I found on a new SS TRP was $1447.
IMO it's worth every cent.

I saw a new TRP Operator (rail) this am and it was $1569.

You can probably find a used TRP in the neighborhood of $1200 and maybe less.

You're on the right track, asking questions and doing your homework. As I recall I bought a NIB S&W for my first 1911 because $1000 was my limit. It was enough for the bug to bite but I sold it after about six months. I was an absolute PEST to Bac. Thankfully he is a patient man.

If you really want to stay under a $1000 you should look at the Ruger. There's a new thread here with a link to a store that had at least 20 of them earlier today.

Good luck.

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