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I have been hesitant in the past to jump on the 1911 bandwagon but even after only 2 range trips, I have fallen in love with it. Since the trigger reset is so little, follow up shots stay right on target. So different from my glocks and my 92fs. The fit is ridiculously tight, u hope it loosens up a bit. Field stripping and re-assembly is a big challenge, especially the slide stop which has to fit in front of that little spring. Trying my best not to cause idiot marks by sliding it into place rather than pushing it in behind that spring. My only complaint would be the parkerizes finish not bring very scratch resistant and I hope to remedy that in the future by at least a slide refinish
Scratches just show that u use it lol I bought the loaded SS an scratched it the first time I tore it down an was flipping lol but it gunna happen. I found that if u take a small flat head screw driver an push the spring loaded rod in then its way easyer to put the pin in

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