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Originally Posted by digilo View Post
The slide release lever on my Glock 23 2nd Gen- I never use it. After inserting a fresh mag, I pull back on the slide to release it, old habit.

The slide release lever protruded too far for my liking, and I tried to bend the tab in slightly, but it broke off. Does the slide release lever do anything besides lock the slide back? If not, can it be left out? Would leaving it out affect the frame's ability to retain the trigger pin?

Thanks for helping the n00b....
The Slide Stop serves a safety function as well. It allows the firearm the ability to be visually inspected without manipulation to ensure the chamber, breech area are clear of any ammo.

This situation is very important especially when handling the firearm between other people or during clearing, cleaning sessions.

If the firearm has to be cleared and placed on a bench before clearing the firing line, the slide is locked back to show/indicate to other shooters on the line that the weapon is clear. Leaving the slide forward even though the chamber is empty will not allow others on the range to ensure your weapon is actually safe.

They are cheap and I would have to ask, "Why does it bother you to have it?"
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