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Sig Tac Ops vs. Doublestar?

Got the hornies for a railed 1911. Don't have a clue as to why? I hope it's just a passing phase, but I've been eyeing these two for a almost a year. Found, what I think, is a pretty good deal on a Tac Ops. And I've yet to even hold a Doublestar, but I've heard good things. The Sig feels great in my hands. I'm not much of a Sig fan, especially their newer stuff. But I will say that I have a lot of respect for the older Sigs though. Kinda like HK, I don't personally care for the look and feel of most Sigs and HK's, but I know they both make great guns. Used to own an HK USP 40 BTW and have shot my share of Sigs of many different models, other than their 1911's. I've heard good and bad, mostly good, on both the Tac Ops and the DS. But there's good and bad to almost any gun, especially production guns. Which would you pick and why? Thanks.
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